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This website contains the official information about competitions that take place around the world.
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Hidup Sempurna - Waveski surfing short Movie

Enjoy this short Waveski Surfing Movie starring French riders Océane Lucas, Clément Guilbert and Virgile Humbert.
Filmed in Indonesia, May 2017
Venue for the 2018 World Waveski Surfing Titles
Pantin Beach in Galicia (Spain), famous for the WQS event that takes place each year have been chosen for holding the 2018 WWST.

The competition will be hold in September/October,
Olivia Floch - 2016 World Wave-ski Women Champion
Olivia Floch is the new world women champion. After Beating Melissa Farthing in the semis, she taked on Oceane Lucas, after a nice final with an average score of 10,9

Rees Duncan winner of the 2016 Australian Wave-ski Titles with a perfect 20 pts !
Rees Duncan is the winner of the 2016  Australian Wave-ski Titles in the mens category. He won against Tony Chery, in the man on man format