WWST 2018 Winners

What a contest! Take a look (again) on Live Heats!

Congrats to Rees Duncan WWST 2018 Legend! Open Master and Master Division Winner. And Océane Lucas (Open Women Winner)

These main categories, both with equal Prize Money (500, 250, 150 & 100€)

Open Men

  1. Rees Duncan (AUS)
  2. Virgile Humbert (FRA)
  3. Odei Etxeberria (ESP)
  4. Clément Guilbert (FRA)

Open Women

  1. Océane Lucas (FRA)
  2. Mel Farthing (AUS)
  3. Marie Tessier (FRA)
  4. Karen Campbell (AUS)

Thanks, Olivier Le Bars for these pictures!